Lip Filler – witchescrew EP

This second EP is a real deep dive into Lip Filler's psyche.

Label: Chess Club Records
Released: 24th May 2024

Lip Filler are all about excitement. Deeply rooted in their gen-z sound, they’re following up their widely acclaimed debut EP with new five-song offering ‘witchescrew’ twisting and turning in ways that prove you never quite know what’s coming next from the alt-rock quintet.

This second EP is a real deep dive into Lip Filler’s psyche. The high tempo, massive-energy sound of their debut EP is there in spades but tuned up and amplified to fit with the uncertainty that came from the band’s experiences once they’d finished university. 

Lead vocalist George Tucker’s hip-hop vocal style takes centre stage, giving a feeling of disarray, anxiety, and general chaos across all five of these latest tracks. Opening track ‘CARLING’ comes out of the traps all guns blazing, a rap-metal anthem that marks a defining moment in the band’s career to date. ‘Its not deep’ maintains an almost trance-like BPM, melding together grime breakdowns with nu-metal guitar lines in slick style. ‘Ashtray’ and ‘followup’ feel more akin to their earlier work, sounding not dissimilar to prime Jamie T, with sharp edges and an almost punk manner of cutting together their individual influences. Closer ‘Limelite’ brings together the frenetic anxiety at the top of the EP and the collected sound that made their first EP so impressive in a way that speaks to their unwavering musical maturity.

If their debut EP was them giving you a taste of what they could do, then ‘witchescrew’ is Lip Filler delivering you a whole menu where everything is worth ordering. Two EPs, nine songs, one very bright future.

4.0 rating
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