Local Natives – Sunlit Youth

It’s Local Natives doing what they do best.

Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

It’s Local Natives doing what they do best.

Label: Infectious Music / Loma Vista Recordings
Released: September 9th 2016
Rating: ★★★★

No strangers to composing the kind of songs that are infectious and relaxing, Los Angeles based Local Natives have composed a wonderful collection of tracks that can transport you from even the greyest skies to a Californian dreamscape. Starting off subdued, it’s not until the fourth track, and leading single, ‘Fountain of Youth’ kicks in that you’re truly grabbed by this record. Throughout it wanes and gains but overall it’s a solid creation that proves Local Natives are really very good at what they do.

Mixing electronic elements with more standard instrumentation, what they end up with is a soulful and dance worthy trip through their inspirations and environments. Of particular note is ‘Mother Emmanuel’, where all of the above points form an agglomeration that is simply unstoppable. One of the strongest moments of the album, it’s a sure fire hit that is just the most contagious things to be created and it’s placement on the record means you’re more than equipped for it, the entirety of the tracks before it were leading you to this point.

Post this sonic breakthrough, we’re met with a slight halt in proceedings with an acoustically led track that doesn’t quite forget where it’s coming from but is certainly a push back to the beginning of the album where things were softer. The last third of the album is where Local Natives ensure you’ll leave this album wanting more. Carrying out perfectly executed layered vocals that build a canvas upon which the rest of the music is strengthened, it’s particularly reminiscent of early Grizzly Bear, just a bit happier. A definite must listen for both fans new and old, it’s Local Natives doing what they do best. Steven Loftin

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