Lucia & The Best Boys – Burning Castles

A brilliantly realised and dynamic debut.

Label: Communion
Released: 29th September 2023

‘Burning Castles’ is an album full of elemental power and stylish electro-pop swagger as Lucia & The Best Boys fully deliver on all that promise they held when they first emerged from Glasgow’s post-punk hot bed in 2018. 

Lucia herself is the star, while the Best Boys swirl and thrash around her. Lucia though is the magnetic presence who shapeshifts her way across these vivid pop songs. The album captures both the organic in terms of Lucia’s Scottish heritage and traditional instruments as well as the synthetic in super modern and deeply fun electro bops like ‘Haunt You Back’ and ‘Love Yourself’.

Shimmering chorus’, great big Prince-like guitar solos and a cavernous sense of ambition, it’s all here on a brilliantly realised and dynamic debut. 

4.0 rating
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