Luke Sital-Singh – Time Is A Riddle

Consistently brilliant throughout.

Luke Sital-Singh - Time Is A Riddle

Consistently brilliant throughout.

Label: Raygun Records
Released: 12th May 2017
Rating: ★★★★

‘Time Is A Riddle’, London singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh’s second full-length, is a heartbreakingly emotive record. At times easy listening due to its graceful melody, at others uncomfortably affecting, this album is up there in the Julien Baker realms of super high-quality solo songwriting.

Opening with the sombre yet catchy groove of ‘Still’, this LP is consistently brilliant throughout. The tenderness of ‘Til The Night Is Done’ is spellbinding, ‘Innocence’ is a wistful, gorgeous listen, and the title-track – complete with a beautiful piano accompaniment – is deeply moving. ‘Time Is A Riddle’ is a record in which it’s easy to lose yourself; perfect for those introspective long drives and late-night walks, Sital-Singh’s words possess a universal appeal, his tales of love and loss sure to strike a chord with anyone willing to give them their time.

Not content to stick to the standard vocal and guitar/piano formula, however, on ‘Time Is A Riddle’, Luke Sital-Singh demonstrates an appetite for the grandiose. This is evident in the build of the album’s midpoint and peak, ‘Cynic’, which develops into a glorious, choir-backed composition of serious class.

Far better than many similar artists who’ve fully infiltrated the mainstream, Luke Sital-Singh is a performer who deserves to enjoy wider recognition; such is the standard of this LP. It’s impossible not to enjoy songwriting this accessible and honestly delivered. Jake Richardson

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