Lynks – Smash Hits Vol.2 EP

It’s time to get smashed with Lynks.

Released: 27th January 2021

Lynks is one of the most fascinating creatures that has crawled from South London’s undergrounds. Ever since he brought it with debut EP ‘Smash Hits Vol.1’, appetites for this mad genius’s disco satire has kept on rising. 

In ‘Smash Hits Vol.2’, Lynks doesn’t spare anyone, especially himself when giving in and taking the piss out of the absurd around us. The five-track EP kicks off with ‘Everyone’s Hot (And I’m Not)’, a self-deprecating song with roast-worthy lines (“Everyone is train and I’m a train station”). ‘Brand New Face’ is synth-filled bouncy bop on a borderline beauty obsession and plastic surgeries macabre. ‘This Is The Hit’ slaps almost as hard as Courtney Barnett’s ‘Pedestrian At Best’, filtered through his looney lenses for a trippy cover. ‘Don’t Take It Personal (Apocalypse Version)’ meanwhile is a psych dance-pop ode to feeling shit, being shit and coming undone in London. 

Lynks’ brand is blasting out ferocious electropop to painfully on-point lyrics, spiced up with his beautiful dark twisted humour. Entering his experience extravaganza, you get dealt only wild cards. It’s time to get smashed with Lynks.

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