Master Peace – Peace Of Mind EP

Bold, exuberant, loud and uncompromising, everything is turned up to 11.

Label: PMR Records
Released: 24th February 2023

Master Peace is in the mood to shake things up and make some noise on his thrilling new EP ‘Peace Of Mind’. He’s always been an artist capable of handling lots of different styles and sounds but here it feels like a defining statement of who Peace is as an artist. 

Bold, exuberant, loud and uncompromising, everything is turned up to 11. There’s no frills or anything too fancy, everything is razor sharp and focused to provide a platform for Peace’s direct resonate songwriting and storytelling. At times it’s playful but deeply resonant and cutting like on ‘Country Life’ which details Peace’s refusal to fall in with the cliched rock star world. It’s also a song laden with puke sound effects and all sorts of silliness. Wonderful stuff. 

The music here is more abrasive at times like on the discordant punk of ‘Groundhog Day’ but it all helps in bolstering Peace’s credentials as an artist taking on the lineage of classic UK indie like Arctic Monkeys, and shaping it in a new way with bags of attitude and huge pop hooks. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is wide eyed and anthemic while ‘Veronica’ is already a radio hit.

A hugely impressive return from an artist reaching new heights.

4.0 rating
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