Meadow Meadow – Silhouettes EP

Charmingly lo-fi and gorgeously chilled.

Label: Practise Music
Released: 17th September 2021

Following their self-titled debut EP last year, James Green and Peter Darlington continue to craft soft, calm and expansive soundscapes beyond the realm of their past rock projects with Meadow Meadow’s ‘Silhouettes’.

While Tarek Musa utilises the Dead Nature moniker to summon intimidating walls of volume, James and Peter adapt the chemistry built through Spring King to instead delicately pull apart their craft to its fundamentals and rebuild fragile environments. Ambient, mellow moods succeed in forging this new path, one that is continuing to diverge from their indie-rock roots in – thankfully – perhaps the most interesting and refreshing way possible.

Charmingly lo-fi and gorgeously chilled atmospherics are established through the surprising combination of whispering acoustics, sharp beats and even luxurious jazz; backing vocals and deep synths flesh out a more mature soundscape than achieved previously, and this is matched with a mature theme, too – one of acceptance and hope, balancing sombre and inspiring tones on a knife’s edge.

‘Silhouettes’ develops a soothing package of zen that is clearly quite auto-biographical, stemming from the band’s very innards. The result is an eccentric and explorative second EP that is enchantingly simple in its composition, embracing an aura of calmness following their raucous origins.

3.0 rating
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