Mellah – Them EP

What a three-track EP might lack in length, 'Them' makes up in creative flair.

Label: Columbia Records
Released: 11th June 2021

With razor-sharp wit and meticulously placed brush strokes, Mellah is painting the world as he sees it on new EP ‘Them’: infuriatingly indifferent, hopelessly bleak, and willfully ignorant.

What a three-track EP might lack in length, ‘Them’ makes up in creative flair. Infectious melodies and an immersive sonic environment allow Mellah to explore a multitude of moods and hidden corners of his expressive sound. Where lead single ‘Easy Breezy’ is filled with scathing commentary on society’s willingness to accept what should be unacceptable through the brilliantly observant lens we have come to know and love, ‘Heaven Only Knows’ is dressed in much more mellow tones that build a stark contrast to the former’s bright guitars and roaring hooks – two seemingly opposing approaches that flow together on the EP’s final track and create a seamless call to action: “Please just try to promise me you will tell yourself the truth.”

Born out of a desperate need for change, ‘Them’ gives a first glimpse into Mellah’s restless mind and his rightful anger at an unjust society. It’s an intriguing narrative set to bleed into two further EPs, ‘Us’ and ‘Me’, and provide a cathartic outlet for likeminded activists.

4.0 rating
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