Molly Payton - Porcupine EP

Molly Payton – Porcupine EP

Molly has only just begun her journey in creating wry, lofty and addictive music.

Label: tmwrk records
Released: 16th October 2020

Moody teens creating music is no rare thing, and so it can be difficult to stand out. With ‘Porcupine’ however, Molly Payton manages to take all those classic teenage lamentation tropes and add her own spin. It’s sharply witty, with lyricism reminiscent of Maisie Peters and Nina Nesbitt, but sonically a throwback to 90s-era noisy garage-rock, with vocals that are part Florence Welch and part completely Payton’s own rich, cavernous sound.

When ‘Warm Body’ kicks off – all moody lo-fi, fast-paced and highly strung – it is a lyrical exposé of epic groove proportions, with Payton’s voice sounding raw and morose against the unwrinkled production provided by Oli Barton-Wood. On ‘I’m Too Smart’ meanwhile, midway through the EP, she slows down this pace with lyrical content that is sensitive, sparkling with witty humour and ironically smart.

All of the tracks on this record feel like they belong, with ‘Going Heavy’ a smash-hit in a bottle exploring the London nightlife scene. Closer ‘Rodeo’ is the gentlest on the record, a babbling brook of sadness that is both poignant and melodically intoxicating that really allows Payton’s vocal talent to shine.

‘How To Have Fun’ and ‘Planet Holiday’ are less noticeable, with the former leaning into Payton’s love of the classic indie building chorus with echoic vocals, but they’re still worthy of this EP. It is a testament to her creative energy that bops like these seem a little flat compared to the other tracks.

‘Porcupine’ may be a classic moody teen EP, but it brings with it a fresh, almost aloof presence that shows Molly has only just begun her journey in creating wry, lofty and addictive music.

4.0 rating
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