Muncie Girls – From Caplan To Bellsize

A three piece with style and substance, Muncie Girls are the real deal.

A three piece with style and substance, Muncie Girls are the real deal.

Got the Muncies?

Label: Specialist Subject Records
Released: March 4th 2016
Rating: ★★★★

There’s a thin line to walk between between sincere substance and borish rants. At the same time, it’s virtually impossible to be fun and frank in the same breath. Muncie Girls, though, are here to play the tight rope walkers of underground rock – navigating that almost invisibly thin strip and knocking out one of the best debut albums in recent memory in the process.

High praise, maybe, but this is a three piece who manage to mix party bags and polemic without ever missing a mark. Dropping poised into a scene already packed with outstanding bands, they already have that glint in the eye that suggests, before too long, they’ll be the star players. No arguments, no comparisons – they’ve just simply got that magic touch.

From front to back, ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ knows no fear. All killer, no filler, it’s a scuzzy, hook laden thrash of discordant harmony and strong heart. Opener ‘Learn in School’ doesn’t so much as kick the door down as crash through the wall, while ‘Gone With The Wind’ with it’s refrain of “I’ve had too many beers and I’ve got nothing to be happy about” is just a taster of the no bullshit attitude that runs through the band.

Gender politics, healthcare, general bullshit – the beauty of Muncie Girls is that even the most serious and bang on statement is delivered with an ear worm. There’s no earnest slog, no overbearing, overwrought preaching. Everything is delivered through pitch perfect grunge pop. That line may be thin, but their balance is perfect.

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