NoSo – Stay Proud Of Me

The hype surrounding NoSo feels entirely justified.

Label: Partisan
Released: 8th July 2022

Light and airy, the debut from NoSo is ready to glide effortlessly into your heart.

Chocker with personal meaning, ‘Stay Proud Of Me’ lends itself to the bedroom origins of its pieces. The kind of gut spilling that only comes from feeling comfortable in your surroundings, the echoing melodies preaching inner peace while needing to confront external players.

Even when mastermind Abby Hwong strikes up a match and lets the sizzling embers engulf them (‘Honey Understand’), or soaks in the glowing echoes of maturating (‘Feeling Like A Woman Lately’), the personal offerings never wane.

Expertly sewing together such vulnerability with occasionally stark sounds, but more often than not ghostly pop twinges, the hype surrounding NoSo feels entirely justified.

4.0 rating
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