Oscar Lang – Chew The Scenery

It's clear Oscar has thrown everything he’s got at this album.

Label: Dirty Hit
Released: 13th August 2021

After bouncing around the bedroom pop scene for years unleashing tune after tune, EP after EP, Oscar Lang has finally unveiled his debut album proper, revealing an expansive collection of explorative songs that proves to form his most cohesive and ambitious project to date.

Blending psychedelic rock, indie tones, a bedroom feel and even orchestral elements, ‘Chew The Scenery’ serves as a confident display of self-growth both in terms of both lyrical themes and sonic progression. Curating the plethora of moods brings a real mixtape feel which is only exaggerated by analogue interludes and intermissions that flesh out the scope and build coherence – it’s clear that past experience has informed these smart decisions.

A deep overarching agitation rumbles through the record, unmasking itself with dreaded and drenched commentary in ‘21st Century Hobby’ and blaring existentialisms like ‘Stuck’. 8-bit stomper ‘Yeah!’ raises the energy before the euphoria peaks on ‘Are You Happy?’, and then it inevitably comes crashing down through the twisted, angsty and deflated ‘Quarter Past Nine’ into a bottomless spiral of reflection before closing with a grateful harmonic ballad, ‘Final Call’. 

Throughout this expressive journey, Oscar imbues the soundscape with his convicted emotions and masters the art of sonically lamenting his feelings, building consistently well-textured environments that radiate his restless push for elaboration; each individual track brims and overflows intense strength and colour.

It’s clear Oscar has thrown everything he’s got at this album, and the collaborative production effort has led to his boldest and most vivid effort yet. He doesn’t repeat the innocence of ‘bops etc.’ the sweet melodies of ‘Overthunk’, the bright richness of ‘Hand Over Your Head’ or the stomping garage feel of ‘Antidote to Being Bored’ – all of these characteristics are woven into one mature, luxurious and interdisciplinary listening experience.

4.0 rating
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