Oscar Lang – Hand Over Your Head EP

It’s simply impossible to resist the Oscar Lang charm.
Label: Dirty Hit
Rating: ★★★★

The mind of Oscar Lang is one that continues to surprise and delight. We could leave the review right there, but turns out there’s so much more to say about Oscar’s latest EP ‘Hand Over Your Head’. A shimmering collection of tracks that signals his intent to be pop’s unabashed showman, his emphatic world comes to the fore across five constantly shape-shifting tracks. Not shabby at all Oscar, not shabby at all.

Whereas his previous EP ‘Overthunk’ saw him showing off all manner of sides to his immediate songwriting, ‘Hand Over Your Head’ is a sharper look into the size of the playing field Oscar sees in front of him. From the pub-piano bubbles that morph into sample-chopped bounces on ‘Get Out’ to the fizzing pop charm of ‘Drinking Wine’ that feels long-lost pop gem from The Cure if they enjoyed frolics in the park – there’s a carefree spirit of creativity that flows through every fibre of ‘Hand Over Your Head’. ‘I Feel Good’ fuzzes with technicolour ease, ‘Velvet Dreams’ paints lush vibes all over the shop and in ‘Apple Juice’, Oscar may just perfectly distill why his ambition and freedom may just make him one of the most exciting new artists going right now.

Plugged into ‘Hand Over Your Head’, it’s simply impossible to resist the Oscar Lang charm. Like opening up his mind to find a colourful box of different flavours, it whets the appetite for what’s to come and then some.

Jamie Muir

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