PINS – Bad Thing EP

PINS don’t put a foot wrong.

PINS - Bad Thing EP

PINS don’t put a foot wrong.

Label: Haus Of Pins
Released: 24th March 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Straight out of the traps, PINS hit you hard with ‘Bad Thing’, the title-track of their latest EP. Thunderous and strutting, it’s a call to what they’re all about – a real good time. In case this wasn’t entirely obvious, they open with words to match: “Big dreams baby, yeah we have big dreams, a taste for venom and expensive things.”

They move swiftly into new territory with the tribal beat of ‘Aggrophobe’, which features none other than Iggy Pop and his unique growl. Matched with dystopian love poetry, the repetitive nature of the track, enhanced by the droning chorus of “so many actions, so many voices”, allows Iggy’s voice to fully divulge his story.

Breaking out of this Iggy-induced trance, ‘All Hail’ marries the two previous tracks by presenting a call to arms with a terrorising, almost mocking, guitar riff that cuts through. ‘In Nightmares’ opts for a more conservative and dreamy soundscape effect, followed by the finale ‘Dead Souls’. It’s a conglomeration of all we’ve heard before this point, led by pounding drums, desolate guitars and large synth sounds, that come together to create a monster.

With songs this strong, PINS don’t put a foot wrong. Steven Loftin

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