Pixx – Small Mercies

‘Small Mercies’ is an undeniable success.
Label: 4AD
Released: 7th June 2019
Rating: ★★★★

With ‘The Age Of Anxiety’, Pixx introduced herself to the world in a sea of electronic flourishes and unstoppably addictive tales of modern life and the complexities it throws. More than anything, it introduced a true artist – and that development and ability to shift and evolve is vividly evident on follow-up ‘Small Mercies’. Whereas ‘TAOA’ was a sharply crisp record built on electronic twists, ‘Small Mercies’ is one born from a rawer place – twitching electronics blending with ramshackle hooks and guitar-lead savours that make it a record perfect for the here and now.

Shining through is Pixx’s ability to punch straight to the heart of matters, ‘Bitch’ a potent stab built across spiralling punk foundations. There’s a Joy Division measure to the album’s title track, before electro-bending gleams take it to another level, while ‘Disgrace’ drives through with an almost hypnotic ease – and that’s a shine of the diversity on display across ‘Small Mercies’. It’s an album that takes PIxx’s journey to date and thrives with a fresh intensity and ease that makes it stand as her best work to date. When ‘Funsize’ reaches its almost menacing chorus, when ‘Mary Magdalene’ fully hooks in or ‘when Hysterical’ spins against itself into an unstoppable ending – those moments mark Pixx out in a league of her own, one not afraid to push boundaries or experiment.

‘Small Mercies’ is an undeniable success, one that ushers in an exciting new chapter from an artist destined to grab those biggest of platforms. By ripping down the shines of her debut, Pixx has created an album that manages to soundtrack the collective darkness of living in the cities and circles of 2019.

Jamie Muir

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