Pixx – The Age of Anxiety

Bold and immediate, yet also daring and rich.

Pixx - The Age of Anxiety

Bold and immediate, yet also daring and rich.

Label: 4AD
Released: 2nd June 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Sometimes, we all need to distill the world around us into something more understandable or unique. It could be taking away the complicated elements and leaving an underlying purpose or focusing specifically on small worries one at a time – whatever helps us through the night is a key part of the human condition. Giving a new meaning to what’s around us, the viewpoint of Pixx is one sprinkled and coated all over ‘The Age Of Anxiety’, a debut album that introduces the nuances and textures of her world in a way that is both dazzling and infectious.

A shimmering cocktail that jumps between indie sharpness, deep synth-laden hooks and electronica’s more succulent bites, ‘The Age Of Anxiety’ astounds from start to finish. Early highlights ‘Baboo’ and ‘Grip’ radiate with vibrancy on each listen, while the blending of indie hooks and electronic surroundings prime with ‘I Bow Down’ and ‘Waterslides’, unmistakable in their creativity and vibrancy from the get-go. There’s an almost nursery-rhyme charm to ‘Everything Is Weird In America’, an all-reaching punch to ‘A Big Cloud To Float Upon’ and a PC-synth wonder to ‘Romance’ that all encapsulate everything wonderful about Pixx. She’s a force that’s unafraid of morphing styles and sounds, and across ‘The Age Of Anxiety’ it defines and captivates in equal measure – creating an aura around every note.

Highlighting the mind of a truly innovative force, ‘The Age Of Anxiety’ stands as a record that could only come from one person. Defining a sound and style, it’s a record full of intoxicating blends of electronic perfection with a glorious pop heart, and that’s what makes it so essential. It’s bold and immediate, yet also daring and rich – and in that combination, Pixx becomes a vital voice for a moment in time. ‘The Age Of Anxiety’ is a record we’ll all be coming back to for months and years to come, and it’s only just the beginning. Jamie Muir

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