Porij – Baby Face EP

Whatever temperature you like your grub, this lot are just right. 

Label: Oat Gang Records
Released: 17th September 2021

Porridge. Eaten for breakfast. Often lumpy, sometimes cold, not necessarily the best to look at, and you really shouldn’t stuff it into your ears.

Porij. Fast rising four piece for Manchester. Shouldn’t try to eat them, it’s rude. Not that lumpy, really. So hot right now, nice enough to look at. Much better to put in your lugholes.

Debut EP ‘Baby Face’ is perfectly named for a group that show oodles of raw potential. With a command of their ‘vibe’ that much more established peers would envy, opener ‘Nobody Scared’ has that careful poise and precision that makes out an act more than capable of making the big leagues. Smart grooves and blissed-out atmospherics abound with ‘Ego’, while ‘Can’t Stop’ bleeps and bloops with the best of them, whipsmart and infectious.

Future pop for the dancefloor, but never so obvious it fails to engage both brain and body – Porij already sound a timeless prospect. Whatever temperature you like your grub, this lot are just right. 

4.0 rating
Total Score

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