Prima Queen – Not The Baby

On their debut EP, Prima Queen arrive as a force to be reckoned with.

Label: Big Indie Records
Released: 3rd May 2023

Cutthroat lyricism, a wall of vibrant, playful production and the seamless combination of the voices of two best friends – on their debut EP, Prima Queen arrive as a force to be reckoned with.

Four tracks that dive headfirst into change in its every form, ‘Not The Baby’ is the sound of a band ready to make their mark on the world. All the beloved bits of pre-EP Prima Queen take centre stage but are considered and refined into a formidable version of the band. 

Opening track ‘Back Row’ sees them choose heartbreaker over heartbroken, but examining why that’s just as difficult a role – its upbeat, brass-driven soundscape seems at odds with the unsettled anxiety of the lyrics, but it’s that unnerving balance that Prima Queen do so well. The careful crawling of ‘Crow’ sees them continue to craft this delicate brand of groove on which to project their innermost feelings.

‘Dylan’ implicates you directly in the story Prima Queen weave – despite the jangly guitars and chirpy production, their storytelling is the star of the show. Direct and unafraid, it places you right in the centre of their world, making each lesson they learn hit harder. It’s a jolting call and response between the band at times, an assurance that they will always be able to curl around one another and have each other’s back, both sonically and otherwise.

By the final harmonic, slick notes of ‘Hydroplane’, Prima Queen have proven their mammoth potential. It’s the perfect cocktail of classic, crooning guitars and deliciously in tandem vocals that Prima Queen have nailed and seem set to continue to impress with.

4.0 rating
Total Score
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