Rejjie Snow – Baw Baw Black Sheep

Rejjie Snow is in a world full of joy and character that's his own making.

Label: BMG
Released: 18th June 2021

Built to feel like a short film through music, Dublin rapper Rejjie Snow’s second full-length record transports you into an otherworldly blissful dream, where there’s only room for good vibes.

Taking in the album’s cinematic sentiment, ‘Baw Baw Black Sheep’ is an album made to listen to in its entirety. That’s not to say you’d miss out on anything if you didn’t, but listening to the record in full slowly guides you through an intoxicating haze, felt ever more real through intricate production quirks from the sound of rush hour traffic to a door loudly creaking open.

It’s dotted with curveballs. ‘My Favourite Things’ is sampled on ‘Relax’ (just adding to the hedonistic nature of the record) to wondrous collabs with Tinashe and grouptherapy on the nu-disco alt R&B ‘Disco Pantz’. The album draws to midnight with ‘Shooting Star’, which solidifies the fantastical nature of ‘Baw Baw Black Sheep’ with its spacey and soulful alt hip-hop glistening with bleeps and breakbeats.

Rejjie Snow is in a world full of joy and character that’s his own making, and you’d be foolish not to want to escape into it.

4.0 rating
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