Roses Gabor – Fantasy and Facts

An album of pleasing depth and variety.
Label: AllPoints
Released: 22nd February 2019
Rating: ★★★★

After years of notable guest vocals and sporadic single releases, ‘Fantasy and Facts’ is Roses Gabor’s first proper artistic statement. 

It’s an album full of immersive rhythms and heavy bass sounds. Flitting between banging hard and deep on the club-ready ‘Turkish Delight’, to soft and tender on the dreamy ‘Stuff’, it’s an album of pleasing depth and variety that showcases Roses’ talents as a vocalist.

That gorgeous voice is at the heart of everything accompanied by supporting turns from like-minded contemporaries like Sampha and MNEK. In keeping with her career so far it’s a collaboratory album but Roses Gabor is very much front and centre. 

A compelling, long-awaited debut from an artist ready to take the next step.

Martyn Young

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