Royel Otis – Pratts & Pain

'Pratts & Pain' is full of sugary sweet, woozy deliciousness.

Released: 16th February 2024

Mystic, pacey, ethereal – levitate with Royel Otis. The Aussie indie-duo masters the feeling of dazy, hazy, youthful days spent in the sun. It’s cutesy, effervescent and dreamy – the perfect album to reminisce and anticipate summer, too. Coming off the back of three EPs, a full-length album expands the duo’s sound, giving them more room to play with. As a result, it’s an absolute treat of an album that feels nothing short of decadent.

The duo set themselves apart by lacing tracks with idiosyncrasies unique to their collective psyche. Echoey, dreamy guitars paired with bongos which fly in and out make everything feel light and beautifully woven together. The addition of bouncy synths adds a radiance and levity to each track, something similar to the warm safety felt playing a game of Mario Kart. Yet, while feeling warm and fuzzy, a certain flavour of moody angst underpins their music; it’s fresh yet retro.

It is a pleasure to hear the intimacy and cosiness as Royel Otis embrace their playful, endearingly boyish spirit, creating a really beautiful meeting of sounds. Pair this with the group’s dreamy indie melodies, and ‘Pratts & Pain’ is full of sugary sweet, woozy deliciousness.

4.0 rating
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