Samia – Honey

This is Samia at her most human.

Label: Grand Jury 
Released: 27th January 2023

Samia is no stranger to wearing her heart on her sleeve. On her new album ‘Honey’ she calls out for catharsis, and in doing so, forges an enchanting sense of hope.

Equal parts heart-aching lament and resounding self-discovery, ‘Honey’ is an album composed from the kind of thoughts that keep us up at night. Born out of hurt, regrets, confusion, and unabashed adoration for the people who play a part in our lives, this collection of songs is brought to life with the same characteristic tenderness that Samia introduced to the world with ‘The Baby’. 

Volatile one moment and reaching for affirmation the next, ‘Honey’ is a venture into growing pains stripped bare. Whether lamenting how much it aches when someone you love moves on through ‘Kill Her Freak Out’ (“I hope you marry the girl from your hometown, and I’ll fucking kill her, and I’ll fucking freak out”), or finding exhilaration in discovering and recognising purpose on ‘Amelia’ (“there’s nothing quite like doing what you came to do”), Samia thrives in conveying all-encompassing emotion. 

As an earnest Zac Efron imparts to a teary-eyed Michelle Trachtenberg in 17 Again, “when you’re young everything feels like the end of the world.” It’s with this knowledge that Samia shines. Giving voice to her inner emotions, knowing whatever she feels that it’s okay, and finding connections along the way, this is Samia at her most human.

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