School of Seven Bells – SVIIB

Both a brilliant album, and the best possible tribute.

Both a brilliant album, and the best possible tribute.

A life-affirming tribute

Label: Full Time Hobby
Released: February 26th 2016
Rating: ★★★★

The story of School of Seven Bells’ final album should be tragic. In many way, it still is. The final work of the group, it marks their last chapter after Benjamin Curtis passed away after battling T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. Surviving member Alejandra Deheza took what they’d created in the summer of 2012, and turned it into the best possible tribute to her bandmate possible – a euphoric, brilliant, life-affirming album.

The context only makes what is an outstanding record all the more remarkable. As fresh and current as the latest SoundCloud drop, the heightened emotional state that companies it turns every beat, every synth stab, into a definitive statement. With ‘On My Heart’ Deheza’s vocals soar, saying more than the lyrics ever could. ‘Open Your Eyes’ drifts through a hazy dream state, while closer ‘This Is Our Time’ shows that, with one shot left in the chamber, School of Seven Bells’ aim remains true to the end. A perpetual goodbye, ‘SVIIB’ is more than just a record; it’s a monolith to the channeling something far, far bigger.

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