Sheer Mag – Compilation LP

Attitude in abundance, and blazing riffs by the boatload.

Sheer Mag - Compilation LP

Attitude in abundance, and blazing riffs by the boatload.

Label: Static Shock Records
Released: 31st March 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Think rock and roll and what do you imagine? Attitude in abundance? Blazing riffs by the boatload? Sweaty shows with an empowering sense of euphoria? If your answers to those were in the affirmative, then you’re in the right place. Over the course of three EPs Sheer Mag have proven that they’ve got it all. Compiling these EPs together for a remastered LP imaginatively titled ‘Compilation’, the band a barrelling full storm ahead into the future.

With a disregard for the hype that’s been swirling around them reinforcing a finely tuned focus on the music they create and the energy they incite, the Philadelphia outfit have endeared themselves to fans on every side of the Atlantic. It’s a no-nonsense aesthetic that Sheer Mag carry with them to their core, an exhilaratingly raw intensity that has fast positioned the band above their contemporaries. Rhythms pound, power solos are purpose built to sear, while Tina Halladay’s powerhouse vocals cut to the core with such an acute dexterity it leaves you physically reeling.

Whether it’s in the intent that rages through first EP track ‘Hard Lovin”, the invigorating roars of ‘Fan The Flames’, or the electrifying licks that lace their way through ‘Can’t Stop Fighting’, with this compilation Sheer Mag showcase themselves as a band that, come hell or high water, are going to make themselves heard. It’s an empowerment and an audacity that’s designed to exhilarate and incite, a switched on, turbo-charged rally towards the world they want to see – and we’ll be damned if that isn’t a place that sounds spectacular.

“I’m gonna sock it to ya til the end of my days,” Halladay cries on ‘Hard Lovin”. Having made a start so entirely thrilling as this band have, what Sheer Mag are going to prove themselves capable of as they really take off seems sure to prove downright unmissable. Jess Goodman

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