Slothrust – Parallel Timeline

Slothrust are sounding fresher than ever.

Label: Dangerbird Records
Released: 10th September 2021

Five albums in and Slothrust are sounding fresher than ever. With their ragged charm taking on the quest of searching for meaning within this crazy world, there’s a childlike wonder that runs throughout ‘Parallel Timeline’. But that doesn’t stop them toting such sweetly demented exclamations as “buying your brain a cake and frosting it with the cum of angels”. Who said romance is dead?

There’s something arrestingly relatable in their attempt to answer that doozy of a question: what is the meaning of life, or more so, what’s it all about? Unafraid of digging into the nitty-gritty, with some softly sung melodies, it turns out scrambling into your consciousness, and cobbling together all the pieces can make for quite the step forward. 

Turning from delicately shambolic to delivering a fury with a bit of might in the blink of an eye, particularly when tackling global warming (with a little help from rock powerhouse Halestrom’s Lzzy Hale) on ‘The Next Curse’, is Slothrust’s secret weapon. Lulling you in with something akin to a lo-fi indie hype band to then shapeshifting into some furiously whipping alt-rock, every moment is penned to capture. 

Slothrust appear to be the kind of band who need close attention paying. They may feel like they’re skirting around the edges of breaking through, but be warned, for all the whimsy and quirkiness lies a band on the brink of something big.

3.0 rating
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