SOFY – Bored In Colour (Pt. 2)

Prepare to be met with an artist who's figuring it out.

Released: 27th January 2022

Eating day-old cheesy chips, running out of likes on Hinge, drinking too much cold brew – most of us have been there at some point or another. If you’re one of the lucky ones, SOFY has provided the perfect soundtrack to your life.

On ‘Bored In Colour (Pt.2), she becomes the voice of a generation of people who can’t quite keep their mouths shut when they need to most, who are constantly on the verge of a bit of an existential crisis. From the very first notes of ‘Egomaniac’, she’s taking down everyone in her path, and doing so in her usual sarcastic, indie-pop style. 

From the nostalgic, loved-up ‘Fiesta’ to the deflated, angst-ridden ‘just mates’, this is the full force of SOFY’s feelings, wrapped in a neat combination of Britpop-inspired guitars and vocals dripping in can’t-be-arsed candour. Emotion becomes a colour wheel, and throughout the course of the EP, SOFY takes you through every shade and hue. On ‘btw’, she is subdued, blue with regret and yearning and uncharacteristically earnest without laughing it off. Yet, she never ceases to fire herself up once more; ‘L-plates’ is a spectral, kaleidoscopic conclusion which admits that she’s definitely still a work in progress – but isn’t that part of SOFY’s charm?

On ‘Bored In Colour (Pt.2)’, prepare to be met with an artist who’s figuring it out. SOFY tackles the complexities of being in her twenties with a joke for every occasion, in breezy bops that make it all seem a bit more manageable. She’s unafraid to say the things you perhaps wouldn’t admit yourself, transforming herself into a much-needed messiah for the messy.

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