An explosive demand of attention and flex of pop potential.

Released: 5th August 2022

ELIO refuses to settle down on a whirlwind ten-tracker which she aptly dubs her inferno. Offering a great sample of the Canada-based star’s capabilities, this mixtape reveals fragments of all of the lives ELIO lives simultaneously, drawing listeners into intimate commentary with huge pop production.

Alongside the heavily textured and booming instrumentals, a focus on refining her vocal performance massively pays off throughout as ELIO pushes her voice to the forefront with formidable results on top-tier love song ‘SUPERIMPOSE’ and the moody, mould-shattering ‘Read The Room’.

‘TYPECAST’ has already made its mark, paving the way for a project that’s clearly been shaping up for a while, but it’s one that’s worth the wait as the mixtape format is utilised to demonstrate a subtle variance with the lighter moments like ‘new and improved’. Although ‘ELIO’S INFERNO’ feels somewhat overdue, new cuts like ‘Godly Behaviour’ establish even further artistic prominence too.

An explosive demand of attention and flex of pop potential, ELIO owns her narrative with a screeching sonic imprint. Heavy thoughts are expunged on the raw, guitar-driven closer with which she gets any remaining weight off her chest – this blazing compilation clearly came from catharsis and is sure to inspire the same in those listening carefully.

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