Summer Camp – Romantic Comedy

It's definitely going to hit Cupid’s target.
Released: 14th February 2020
Rating: ★★★★

As inevitable as a second act break-up in the movies before a kiss in the final scene, this feels like it was always going to happen. Summer Camp have permanently sounded like they were made for a classic 80’s teen movie, ever since their debut ‘Welcome To Condale’ first ushered in their string of lush indie pop moments. As the married couple began to explore different paths professionally (Elizabeth Sankey moving into film-making, Jeremy Warmsley exploring film soundtracks), it seems only natural that the band have returned to the studio for this, a companion piece to Sankey’s 2019 documentary of the same name.

True to its title, the record affectionately explores every classic romcom staple before gently massaging them into the real world. ‘The Ugly Truth’ has no time for fireworks or love at first sight but keeps the romance all the same, while ‘When Danny Met John’ explores the kind of love and infatuation that lingers for decades. With a keen eye for the little moments that become the bedrock of a relationship, tracks like ‘You Complete Me’ are bound for couples’ playlists the world over. Not afraid to look at what happens when it all goes wrong too, it’s a complete study of love and romance all swept up in some delicious harmonies and bittersweet melodies.

With a series of movie samples and sweet instrumentals tying it back to it’s documentary beginnings, ‘Romantic Comedy’ manages the neat trick of being a stylish accompaniment to that film as well as a perfect standalone concept album. As in love with the concept of real emotion as it is the movie equivalent, it is definitely going to hit Cupid’s target.

Jamie MacMillan

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