Sundara Karma – Oblivion! EP

Indie rock’s great shapeshifters refuse to be pigeonholed.

Label: Chess Club Recordings
Released: 1st April 2022

What do you expect from Sundara Karma? Stupid question, right. Whatever you’ve got in mind, at the next opportunity the Reading gang will be dipping a shoulder and selling a dummy.

Sonic revolutions already their stock in trade, and ‘Oblivion!’ is an EP that takes their previous reinventions, and laughs at their lack of ambition. This time rough, it’s a zeitgeist-friendly combination of late 90s pop rock, 00s emo and shimmering 1975-tinged indie pop in their sights.

As ever, they do it brilliantly. Sure, it’s a combination of sounds that every focus grouped TikTok writing team are churning out en mass, but in Sundara’s hands it hits differently. From the sugar rush of ‘All These Dreams’ to the greebo cool of it’s title track, indie rock’s great shapeshifters refuse to be pigeonholed.

4.0 rating
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