Superfood – Bambino

A glorious buffet of treats and moreish delights.

A glorious buffet of treats and moreish delights.

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Superfood - Bambino

Label: Dirty Hit
Released: 8th September 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Reinvention is a funny thing. A clean slate, a new direction – it’s a risky move that can sometimes backfire drastically. Yet, it’s a decision that can only be respected, forgoing any preconceptions of what or who something is and diving head first into a more honest and natural sound. For Superfood, it was vital. A reaction to the world of negativity that surrounded them, ‘Bambino’ is a kaleidoscopic pinball machine of influences and styles – and as a result stands as a truly career-arriving statement of intent.

What ‘Bambino’ exudes in abundance is freedom, a record where the words “too far” are well and truly put in the bin. That energy and joy can be heard bouncing out of numbers like ‘Where’s The Bass Amp’ and it’s cutting flicks and flavours, ‘Natural Supersoul’ and its sticky swamp-like undertone, ‘Witness’ which flows with modern indie romance and ‘Clo Park’ which manages to blend late-80s hip-hop with psychy grooves for one of the most glorious cocktails on the market. What takes that creativity to another level, is the insatiable array of hooks that rocket out from the get-go. ‘I Can’t See’ could very well be their best track to date, a titan that’ll have you singing along in not time – while ‘Need A Little Spider’ twists and scratches into life with distorted fuzz and a sky-high rip. What becomes apparent, is that there is no standard formula here, just a band well and truly allowed to create with no fears and as a result revelling in the sunlight. Genres are a myth, only a panoramic-sized vision of new worlds and colours.

What ‘Bambino’ represents is a line in the ground. Taking themselves out of the conversation and creating their own, Superfood have embraced every sound and vibration they find on the street and turned it into a glorious buffet of treats and moreish delights. From that, they’ve created one of the most exciting albums of the year, and one that you’ll be jumping back to again and again – discovering more on each listen. Now that’s reinvention. Jamie Muir

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