Swim Deep – Familiarise Yourself With Your Closest Exit EP

Swim Deep still sound fresher than most of their less established peers.

Label: Self-released
Released: 11th March 2022

It’s weird to think it, but Swim Deep are now the kind of band with a legacy. Not that anyone’s suggesting they’re too long in the tooth for the indie-pop game – far from it. More that there’s a whole generation of acts coming up behind the who will have grown up listening to ‘King City’ and ‘She Changes The Weather’.

It’s quite probable that Phoebe Green, the first of a series of collaborators across their new EP ‘Familiarise Yourself With Your Closest Exit’, is one of them, so the fact their styles mesh together so perfectly is a particular delight. Truth is, Swim Deep still sound fresher than many of their less established peers – able to take their swooshy, blissed out pop and channel it in new, exciting directions. Two tracks featuring Aussie popster Hatchie sparkle in uniquely different ways, but it’s ‘Big Green Apple’, featuring frontman Austin’s fiancé Nell, that steals the day. An anthem-in-waiting from a band who know exactly what that means, there are still countless pages left to write in Swim Deep’s musical story.

4.0 rating
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