Tayla Parx – Coping Mechanisms

Tayla Parx has made music for feeling good, and it does just that.

Label: Atlantic Records / TaylaMade
Released: 20th November 2020

There’s an undeniable funkiness to Tayla Parx’s work that never fails to instantly invest you in a track. ‘Coping Mechanisms’ features a plethora of pop songs, but there’s more to it than a catchiness – Parx deploys clever writing that ranges from heartfelt tenderness to a witty sorry-not-sorry charm.

The album’s first track makes this charm abundantly clear with the chorus “I hope you’re so fuckin’ sad”, which really speaks for itself. Parx is a badass, a theme that continues throughout the twelve-song album. Whether she’s unabashedly eyeing someone up in ‘Stare’ or counting her cash in ‘Bricks’, you can’t help but admire the debonair that she flaunts in her lyricism. Parx often slows down her rapping to expose an uncertain side, leaving hints of heartbreak in ‘Fixerupper’ and obsession in ‘Residue’ that express her ability for sentimentalism. Even when singing her insecurities though, Parx maintains a confident persona thanks to infectiously cool music.

On the surface, the production reflects typical pop tunes with hip hop flavours dying to be played in clubs, but with further listening there’s something more engaging. Small caveats, like the perfectly timed clunking of a pinball machine in the opening of ‘Sad’ or simple chimes and horns peppered throughout dancey tunes mean that you don’t need to be a fan of the genre to agree that these are certified bops. Each track features some musical surprise, leaving you excited for what the next banger may have hidden within.

There’s no doubt that ‘Coping Mechanisms’ will provide more than you expect, and at least one track will find its way into your playlist. Tayla Parx has made music for feeling good, and it does just that.

4.0 rating
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