The Academic – Community Spirit EP

'Community Spirit' takes another step forward.

Label: Capitol Records
Released: 9th July 2021

Irish boyband The Academic cemented themselves as an indie-pop quartet with an international appeal on their adolescence-fuelled debut ‘Tales From The Backseat’, leaned into heavy pop elements with single drops, before the more reflective EP ‘Acting My Age’ looked back on their youth through a bittersweet nostalgia engraved in slick riffs and reverberating environments. ‘Community Spirit’ takes another step forward by flexing their usual strong melodies and distinguished delivery, but backed up by a more mature soundscape swarmed with warm and joyful fibres.

The bright and loose tone is immediately established alongside the understated ‘Not Your Summer’, which boasts an undisputedly catchy chorus, a staple manifestation of the groups charming swagger. Glittering and light disco-pop riffs move us into a retro vibe before deflating into a strop on ‘I Don’t See Good’, laying bare dejected tones that still maintain energy with squirming melodies.

An omnipresent sweetness is carried forward by frontman Craig Fitzgerald’s control of production, upgrading existing facilities in indie-pop territory and fortifying a growing discography. The Academic have stumbled upon a comfortable sonic arena in a niche they connect with, bouncing ebbing and flowing instrumentals across the five tracks. A few uncertain steps have nimbly found their footing in a mild-mannered contribution that soothes and cools underlying agitations.

3.0 rating
Total Score

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