The Japanese House – Good At Falling

Accomplished, daring and warm even when looking at its darkest moments.
Label: Dirty Hit
Released: 1st March 2019
Rating: ★★★★★

The moment we first heard of The Japanese House, we knew there was something unique about. The mysterious polaroids of shots and sights, the immediate sound that breathed distinctly to her own beat – it’s one that immediately had us hooked and in awe. In a journey that has slowly revealed more and more of Amber Bain, there’s been an undeniable statement behind it all. One of an artist creating distinctly unique and captivating music that has that knack of being able to transport listeners to a whole ‘nother world from the very first note. Now, after the blossoming growth seen across each EP, ‘Good At Falling’ stands as a debut album that captures exactly why The Japanese House is so special, with a frank and honest snapshot of life that’ll touch at the very soul of anyone who clicks play.

From start to finish, honesty and ambition capture a record that flows with a refreshing clarity full of confidence. Where before The Japanese House would wrap herself in lush sounds and blissful metaphor, ‘Good At Falling’ delves deep with incredible results. ‘Maybe You’re The Reason’ rips with infectious ease, ‘We Talk All The Time’ bounces with a potent directness and ‘Follow My Girl’ shapes into grooves of experimental flair with hooks galore. That unabashed openness creates its own world, with ‘Lilo’ soothing with a cleansing pull at raw emotion, ‘Everybody Hates Me’ allowing itself to loop into a bubbling embrace before jumping to arena-sized pop wonder with ‘Worms’ and ‘f a r a w a y’ – and doing so with ease. Nothing feels out of reach or too far, each having its own place on a record that demands to be played over and over.

It’d be a disservice to simply call ‘Good At Falling’ a great debut album. It’s a true and powerful journal of experiences and emotion that all of us go through, and a trip through the mind of an artist pushing the boundaries around her into mush. It strips away the barriers and is all the more jaw-dropping because of it. Accomplished, daring and warm even when looking at its darkest moments – it’s a vital record for modern times. The Japanese House has laid a marker for anyone following her.

Jamie Muir

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