The Lemon Twigs – Everything Harmony

The album packs more than just a few hold-on-I-need-to-hear-that-again moments. 

Label: Captured Tracks
Released: 5th May 2023

Everybody loves the classics, but very few bands seem to be able to match the 60s and 70s vibe these days. New York brothers The Lemon Twigs have made it their mission to revive the olden days with an eclectic, vibraphone-tinged sound that feels oh-so retro. 

‘Everything Harmony’ can and should be judged by its cover. As far as album concepts go, this one is an open book and opening track ‘When Winter Comes Around’ clearly lays out the intention: beauty and sophistication.

With influences ranging from everything to everywhere with a stint on Broadway, it’s no wonder The Lemon Twigs’ sound leans into the cinematic. Dramatic, positively theatrical flourishes give their unique blend of music a particular type of character and immediately recognisable flair. 

It’s an album to get lost in. With grand vocal melodies and undeniably artful sonic textures made up of a mix of vibraphone, harpsichord, French horn, strings, and multiple layered harmonies, The Lemon Twigs evoke nostalgia for a time long gone, reminiscent of a feeling impossible to grasp. Whether it’s the emotional depth of ‘Born To Be Lonely”s disarming chorus or the sheer symphonic grandeur of ‘What Happens To A Heart’, the album packs more than just a few hold-on-I-need-to-hear-that-again moments. 

An overarching appreciation for music that translates or maybe transcends into something beautiful shines through on every intricate arrangement. ‘Everything Harmony’ is inspiring, a statement to the musical mastery at work behind the scenes of The Lemon Twigs HQ and a very welcome breath of fresh air.

4.0 rating
Total Score
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