The Lounge Society – Silk For The Starving EP

A short sharp burst into the minds of snarling renegades who've got loads to say.

Label: Speedy Wunderground
Released: 18th June 2021

Gen Z know what they’re angry about and how to verbalise it. That bubbling rage cuts through, in particular on ‘Cain’s Heresy’ as The Lounge Society cement their place as a new leading voice at the table with their eyebrow-raising debut EP.

They’re not wrong in claiming that “tragedy makes for such good TV”, and they’ve got several astute observations well worth sharing. There’s not a filler word to be found as Cameron Davey delivers a stream of takes that would serve well in becoming a foghorn for the masses.

With hints of Prince in the ether on opening track ‘Burn The Heather’ mixing with some Fat White Family-style aloofness, the West Yorkshire quartet show maturity beyond their years in the assembly of tracks that hit that bit deeper than most.

Throughout, the guitars are on fire, and the rhythm section powerful as your ears don’t really get a break from a consistently brilliant barrage of high-octane tracks that inspire and motivate as they smash doors down and power on.

If the sounds weren’t so distorted, they’d almost feel jaunty in places – with off-kilter rhythms and old school blues and funk stylings hidden away deep within this rampaging noise.

Over all too quickly in just ten minutes or so, it’s a short sharp burst into the minds of snarling renegades who’ve got loads to say.

This is the sort of release that makes you want to go pick up a guitar and play along as if you’re caught up in the on-stage atmosphere. A real powerhouse from start to finish, this rabble have got bags of potential.

4.0 rating
Total Score

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