The Snuts – Mixtape EP

The Snuts haven’t lost any of their indie-rock roots.
Label: Parlophone Records
Released: 13th March 2020
Rating: ★★★★

As the name suggests, The Snuts’ new EP has a mixtape feel to it. Across five tracks plus three interludes, the band explore different spheres of sound. While opener ‘Fatboy Slim’ is a dancefloor-ready anthem referencing Slim’s local haunt Brighton Beach, ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’ has more of a retro vibe to it with infectious bass-heavy rhythms that evoke an air of nostalgia for the good old days of garage rock. 

But, as the thrashing guitars and no-nonsense attitude of ‘Don’t You Forget It (Punk) [Demo]’ prove, The Snuts haven’t lost any of their indie-rock roots. Undefeated champion on their EP, however, is ‘Boardwalk’ – a track that stands out because it is so completely and utterly different. Set in a stripped back, almost melancholic atmosphere accompanied by intricate guitars and a choir of angels, it shows a more delicate side to their songwriting and shines a spotlight on Jack’s uniquely raw vocals.

Laura Freyaldenhoven

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