Thumpers – Whipped & Glazed

A sweet and shimmering delight.

Thumpers - Whipped & Glazed

A sweet and shimmering delight.

Label: True Say Recordings
Released: 1st September 2017
Rating: ★★★★

Know when people say that a band sound like nobody else? Well, with Thumpers that’s truly the case. After rising from their days as Pull Tiger Tail, debut LP ‘Galore’ was a sun-kissed ode to summer romance that served up layers of stunning melodies and glides that set them well apart from anyone else. A record of wondrous youth, follow-up ‘Whipped & Glazed’ picks things up firmly from ‘Galore’ – delivering on skyscraper sized hooks and reverberating beats to create an all-encompassing record that doesn’t just strike with energy but knocks the kitchen door down with it.

Much denser than ‘Galore’, its shining moments belong when they kick the pedal down on euphoria. ’99’, ‘World Removed’ and ‘Boundary Love’ are tracks born and raised on collective joy, primed for singalongs with mixes of chiming beats and overlapping tones that ultimately build into a sound that Thumpers should trademark right now (get on it chaps). Even when experimenting on sultry sways (‘Caramel’) and the spine-tingling pulls of ‘That Waterfall’, there’s an undeniable world of tastes added into the mix doesn’t just entice for a one-track listen, but is primed for the full album experience.

‘Whipped & Glazed’ is a dazzling package from a duo who’ve managed to distinguish their own sound in the midst of an ocean, and sits as an album that builds on everything they’ve represented and more. Strawberry sprinkles on that? Nah, you’re alright – ‘Whipped & Glazed’ already is a sweet and shimmering delight. Jamie Muir

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