Tigercub – Evolve Or Die EP

All out warfare.

Tigercub - Evolve Or Die EP

All out warfare.

Label: Alcopop! Records
Released: 29th September 2017
Rating: ★★★★

There’s a frantic and urgent energy that screams from Tigercub’s latest EP, ‘Evolve Or Die’. From the moment ‘Divided States Of Us’ slowly eases in with a static heartbeat, soon joined by singer Jamie’s soft vocals, it’s all out warfare.

Throughout the four-track offering every moment counts, adding up to a journey that feels fleeting but necessary. New depths are explored with ‘Into The Ashes’ conjuring imagery of dystopian-type fallout, while ‘It’s Only Love’ begins as a melancholic number, but soon morphs into a different beast entirely, with a funk-driven heart.

Closer ‘Faking Laughter’ brings an amalgamation of all that came before it. Filled with dream-like flurries, a driving bassline, and drums that keep it all tied nicely together, every second yields either complete devotion or self-realisation. Steven Loftin

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