Tigercub – The Perfume Of Decay

A gloriously indulgent record that thrives on its ferocity.

Label: Loosegroove Records
Released: 2nd June 2023

Gothic darkness, restlessness in the middle of the night, an overarching sense of melancholy contrasted against tireless riffing – Brighton-based trio Tigercub are back and better than ever with a gloriously indulgent record that thrives on its ferocity.

This exciting energy declares a newfound ambition for the band, and justifiably so. The scale of their US escapades has instilled a desire to up the scope, capitalising on every millisecond of time within their records; as a result, each solo is truly mountainous, and every soft moment feels truly tender.

Frontman Jamie Hall’s undeniable melodic sensibilities are swept up in a metallic whirlwind – the audible result is both welcoming and formidable, offering the two best sides of the band. James Allix and Jimi Wheelwright are also at the top of their game throughout the ride, one which represents a real return to form for the group as a whole following a period of fractured personalities and tense relationships.

After the exploration of depression in their last LP, ‘The Perfume of Decay’ is an album of tunes to relentlessly bash your head (or politely nod) along to, offering an expulsion of these worries in a more productive way than Tigercub could’ve offered before. Even in the title alone, the band are seeing the silver linings in life for what they are. Where they previously observed colour, they now plunge into darkness – and yet where they previously examined grief, they now offer optimism.

Clouded thoughts and internal lines of questioning manifest over the 40-minute experience; do I feel at home in my environment? Am I becoming reliant on others in an unhealthy way? Where do my dreams seep into reality? A consistently compelling rhythm drives the listener through a liberating celebration of the dark corners of the human mind.

With too many highlights to mention – although the infectious hooks of ‘You’re My Dopamine’ and the jarring dynamics of ‘It Hurts When You’re Around’ stand very tall indeed – this third album details a band hardly in its adolescence, but absolutely in its prime. It’s a seamless project boasting sonic experimentation and sharp songwriting, trying new things but prioritising the roots of Tigercub, which fans fell in love with in the first place. It’s easy to see why more are continuing to do so.

4.0 rating
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