Trudy and the Romance – Sandman

An LP crafted for listening in a diner on an asteroid racing on beyond Jupiter.
Label: B3SCI
Released: 24th May 2019
Rating: ★★★

Trudy and the Romance head to the movies for their debut album, the Merseyside miscreants soundtracking a most incredible story from space with their mutant 50s jangle pop. With a concept delving into love, loss and an evil Sandman beautifully illustrated by a psyched-up spin on those glory days of dance hall rockers, this is an LP crafted for listening in a diner on an asteroid racing on beyond Jupiter.

While their stylistic foundations aren’t too far removed from early doo-wop singles like ‘Behave’, there’s a knowledge now clear behind every word which suggests this fantastical adventure is close to home than the comic book-esque galactic themes let on.

Oliver Taylor’s crooning is intense and captures the slurred rambling of a soul who has experienced great sadness but remains fuelled by a desire to make their voice heard. In both style and substance, he’s a man out of time and it’s so utterly charming to listen to someone pour their heart out with an iconic quiver that screams of honest emotions. He takes the role of Little Johnny in this psychedelic cinematic vision as if he has lived the comet-hopping ventures himself.

One of their real strengths are the backing vocals that echo, mock and comfort Taylor throughout his journey. Lewis Rollinson and Brad Mullins’ parts in creating Trudy’s signature sound cannot be understated as they create the perfect atmosphere and mood for their frontman to spool out his stories upon.

A record built on the nostalgia of the past which incorporates that long gone view of what the future might potentially be, this cross-generational beauty may well live on until we’re all Doo-Wop Spacemen fighting over that cosmic jukebox.

Will the Sandman prevail? Will Little Johnny be the hero? Tune in next week to find out!

Ciaran Steward

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