Villagers – Fever Dreams

A welcome break from the outside world.

Label: Domino
Released: 20th August 2021

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, Villagers are back to bring us solace with their fifth studio offering, ‘Fever Dreams’.

Across ten tracks, the album takes us on a journey of dreamy euphoria. As calming and restorative as taking a warm bath, Villagers’ deeply intelligent composition remains tender and thoughtful. Like many things in life, the subtle nuances may easily pass you by, but their overall effect leaves a powerful impact. 

The almost tranquil appeal easily draws you in. ‘Fever Dreams’ has created a space for reminiscence, guiding us through each track with warm, comforting tones. Straight from the heart, Villagers’ emotional backdrop and smooth sound instantly put you at ease. A sense of reflection and relaxation throughout makes the listening experience almost an act of self-care.

From the euphoric nature of ‘The First Day’ to the slick sax and relaxing chimes in ‘Song In Seven’, the album is a strong reminder of the joy life brings. Full to the brim with love and comfort, Villagers have delivered yet another brilliant record. This one however brings us something special – a space to reflect. A welcome break from the outside world, ‘Fever Dreams’ brings us a dreamy expanse where you can’t help but feel content. Conor O’Brien has created a beautiful, open, and honest piece of work in which he exposes his very soul – and invites you to do the same.

3.0 rating
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