Vistas – Everything Changes In The End

Vistas have somehow ended up capturing the real spirit of 2020.
Label: Believe
Released: 29th May 2020
Rating: ★★★★

Like so many of summer 2020’s releases, ‘Everything Changes In The End’ already sounds like a time capsule of escapism and dreams of a hopeful future. The debut album from Edinburgh trio Vistas exists in the last long hazy summer before adulthood starts to kick in, that deep breath as they stand on the cusp of life forever changing. Because nothing is permanent after all, even this current mad reality that we are all facing.

The early moments fly by here. The title-track, surging, irresistible, undeniable, sets the opening tone on a record that is packed with sentiments simply about just being there for your mates through thick and thin. ‘Teenage Blues’ gives comfort in its embrace, while ’15 Years’ couldn’t sound and feel more like a festival anthem if it came with £7 worth of warm lager and questionable food choices. With their familiar production style of crowd-style vocals fully leant into here with built-in call-and-responses, it can’t help but blow the winter clouds away. While it may be easy at times to spot the Classic Indie Bands influences, it doesn’t shy away from the fact that sometimes it’s enough to be doing something very, very well rather than re-inventing the great wheel of indie.

If anything, that familiarity gives it more impetus and comfort as the album powers through to the soaring finale of ‘November’. As the guitar solo takes wings, the views change into something with infinite promise as ‘Everything Changes In The End’ finally, fully, transforms into something truly panoramic. A reminder that, though this summer may be lost, sometimes all it takes is time before it gets better again. And with that, maybe Vistas have somehow ended up capturing the real spirit of 2020.

Jamie MacMillan

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