VLURE – Euphoria EP

A solid exploration of VLURE's substantial potential.

Label: So Young Records
Released: 14th January 2022

Matching the hype of their huge debut single ‘Shattered Faith’, VLURE continue to generate cascades of sonic intensity through their first EP, ‘Euphoria’.

A similarly momentous explosion of electro-infused, raging punk kicks off this new journey with the bottled chaos of their live shows, featuring demanding and distorted vocals that beg: “save me from this misery, take me to a better day.” While modernising a sound birthed in decades past, a flair for the dramatic never hurts.

‘Heartbeat’ lives up to its title with a throbbing pulse underlying sounds truly out of time, swirling around an epicentre induced by warped riffs that indicate a desire to escape, with these heavily danceable hits crafted during lockdowns, the intent behind them is obvious.

While a swelling soundscape and inflated intimidation build through ‘The Storm’, the last two tracks here offer another side to these elusive artisans, proving that their tension can result in a blissful release after all. Dynamic tones twist between downtrodden and uplifting, ultimately culminating in the expansive and fitting title-track, which offers one last indulgent journey into the unknown.

Documenting a growth point for the Glaswegian five-piece, the ‘Euphoria’ EP is a solid exploration of VLURE’s substantial potential and glorifies their ability to summon living, breathing sources of suspension and ultimately liberation.

4.0 rating
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