Wallice – Off The Rails EP

Wallice allows fans to expunge their uncertainties by voicing her own.

Released: 4th June 2021

After a flurry of successful lo-fi indie-pop singles, LA-based “jazz school dropout” Wallice is set to make a big impression with her debut EP, packed with powerfully sculpted meditations on a foreboding mindset that allows listeners to release their own doubts while dancing along.

Exploring the various existentialisms of Gen-Z, she dives into themes such as feeling lost at an age where you’re supposed to figure things out and growing away from relationships that once felt impenetrable. These angsty foundations lay the groundwork for a comforting, layered sonic environment that utilises wavering riffs, steady percussion and subdued vocals to craft an endearing tone.

Centrepiece single ’23’ provides an autobiographical recounting of Wallice’s own crisis of direction: “I’m terrified of the future / Scared that I’ll still be a loser,” she wails before breaking into an anthemic chorus that reflects on the past and begs for a bright future. Screeching guitars elevate the energy, making it easy to see why so many are jumping on board with these pensive yet cathartic messages.

Enabling fans to expunge their uncertainties by voicing her own, these six tight tracks are built to be howled back at a stage – with the audience already in place, Wallice clearly has a bright future ahead of her, despite what some heavy-hearted lyricisms may suggest.

4.0 rating
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