Will Joseph Cook – Every Single Thing

'Every Single Thing' oozes charm and positivity.

Label: Bad Hotel / The Vertex
Released: 10th June 2022

‘Every Single Thing’ is a love story that radiates an overwhelming romanticism, but Will Joseph Cook and his incredible moustache have the innate ability to pull it off without seeming inauthentic.

A charged track list easily avoids sticking to one note, instead oozing charm and positivity throughout. Self-encouragement permeates ‘Easy Undone’ (“you deserve your own tender love and affection”), while further insightful moments juxtapose explosive choruses. Even when the tempo slows, the heartfelt intention behind them does not – ‘Today It’s Raining’ may be a change of pace, but adoration seeps through this ballad as much as it does on the string-infused ‘Little Miss’ and the sharp-as-hell ‘Bop’, a standout amongst a collection of bangers.

Entertaining lyricism spells out addictive hooks in every single track, and the production achieves a great indie-pop sonic that is far from tired. A concentrated two-week recording stint in the US lends itself to this cohesive factor that enables a fully fleshed out successor to ‘Something To Feel Good About’ – following muddled emotions in a confusing world, a clear focus on abandoning pretences emerged and this album is all the better for it.

Years of figuring things out have resulted in this straightforward and undeniably appealing release. By the twinkling boom of ‘4am’s chorus, ‘Every Single Thing’ has sonically summarised a deep infatuation that is difficult to verbalise. If these songs truly reflect Will’s current life, he is one lucky man.

4.0 rating
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