Witch Fever – Reincarnate EP

Manchester’s Witch Fever are ready to properly kick some bins over.

Label: Music For Nations
Released: 15th October 2021

From the thick depths of the bubbling fury that’s sitting below us all at the moment, Manchester’s Witch Fever are emerging, ready to properly kick some bins over.

Amidst the thrashing of drums, gritted teeth distortion and ludicrously thick bass comes their doom-laden, ferocious war cry. To say they’re a bit pissed off is an understatement. Wielding shrieking guitars around pointed attacks and empowerment, nothing’s felt this arresting in a while, which is good since Witch Fever appear determined to take over.

Having only released a handful of singles over the last few years, the momentum is building, much like their rollickingly vicious tunes. Vocalist Amy Walpole’s control from delivering a succinct message to howling at the moon is the arrow, but the studious barrage from drummer Annabel Joyce, bassist Alex Thompson, and guitarist Alisha Yarwood is the mighty bow.

With bands like Witch Fever toting such ample ferocity, the future should be cleaned up in no time.

4.0 rating
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