WOOZE – Get Me To a Nunnery EP

Wooze effortlessly supersede expectations.

Label: Young Poet
Released: 22nd October 2021

With ‘Get Me To A Nunnery’, Wooze effortlessly supersede expectations while remaining annoyingly nonchalant throughout.

It’s like a tidal wave engulfing the backwash of old ‘new wave’ and figuratively surfing its resurgence into the twenty-first century. As each song falls deeper into the vortex of 80s doom pop, banging and crashing on a multitude of synthesisers on their way down, the mood shifts while simultaneously upholding the band’s signature wonky pop undercurrent.

With a sprinkling of heavier nuances than you’d usually expect from Wooze (‘Tu Es Moi’, ‘Mighty Cloud’, ‘Family Picture’), this cross-contamination of experimentation acts as a Petri dish, examining what the 80s would look like today.

4.0 rating
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