Yore – Yore

Dreamy, almost psychedelic feelings feature alongside grungy tones.

Released: 11th December 2020

The days of Yore are here once again. Emerging from trendy East London creative space Vicious Collective, Callum Brown AKA Yore brings us a slick self-titled debut with collaboration at its very core. A talented multi-instrumentalist and producer, Brown has embraced his surroundings and pulled all of the creative energy into his music. At a time we’re drawn to community more than ever, Yore brings us a mere glimpse of the exploration and development it can offer.

The album features a stellar collection of collaborators, including Mellah, Green Man Rising star Nuha Ruby Ra, and Rakel Leifsdottir of Dream Wife to name a few. So, if you’ve missed out on any of these up-and-comers until now – sit back and let Yore give you a run-through of who’s who in the underground London scene – you won’t be disappointed.

While working with such an eclectic mix of artists could easily bring too much to the metaphoric melting pot of ideas, Yore has kept their presence as refreshing additions to his music, with each track merging seamlessly into the next. Co-produced by fellow Ulrika Spacek veteran Syd Kemp, the pair have created an impressively cohesive album. The sound evolves with each new track and collaboration without straying from the overall genre-bending exploration the album encompasses as a whole.

Dreamy, almost psychedelic feelings feature alongside grungy tones which give the sound that distinctive edge any well-meaning fringe act wouldn’t be caught dead without. The real hook though is in the detail, with chordal riffs cutting through dreamy vocals and lo-fi ambiance to create something truly special.

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