YUNGBLUD – weird!

YUNGBLUD's a ringleader to the greatest show in town.

Label: Polydor
Released: 4th December 2020

It’s safe to say that YUNGBLUD’s ascent to crown prince of weirdo pop hasn’t always been expected. Arriving as what appeared to be a frustrated indie kid, not quite sure who he wanted to be or what his potential could lead to, those days are long, long behind us.

Second album ‘weird!’ is pop-rock on the grandest, widest of stages. An inclusive carrion call to a disenfranchised generation, striding proud in the footsteps of era-defining bands who came before. Brash, inventive, confident pop music that stands proud and speaks true, every inch drips with pure theatre. ‘super dead friends’ sounds like the Beastie Boys snotty punk projected through a prism of ‘Danger Days’-era My Chemical Romance, while ‘cotton candy’ is every inch the radio-friendly pop gem. In the quieter moments – the heartfelt, more introspective ‘love song’ – the deeply personal becomes a resonating force; identifiable desires laid bare. Crossing the lanes at will, it’s a genre-free journey that manages to span both counter and mainstream cultures with ease.

In 2020, YUNGBLUD is less a confused newcomer and more a ringleader to the greatest show in town. A circus where he performs every act and the final, show-stopping number, it’s less about individual sounds and more about the emotion contained within. ‘weird!’ is an album that inspires one of the strongest of all – true belief.

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